Chapter 17.Looking at the sky 2 / 3

 Ruriee looked up, but no sooner had she glanced at Aretel's face than she looked down once again.

 " Ruriee, do you have any reason to be so downcast? You have everything here. We have delicious food, beautiful things, and enjoyable friends. Plus, peace has returned to this lake. Is there anything we are short of? Hey, Ruriee! "
 " Of course, I know. I have fun every day. I really think that coming here was good. But I want to ask you, Aretel, why doesn't the surface of the water in the west lake shine? In the east lake, whenever I looked up, I was able to see the shining surface."
 " I don't care about such trivial things. They don't matter," said Aretel.
 " I want to see the shining surface of the lake," Ruriee said and began to swim so quickly that it looked like she was running away.

 " Ruriee, wait! Where are you going? "
 " Please leave me alone."

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