Chapter 17.Looking at the sky 1 / 3

 Three months passed. All the fish that had run away returned to the west lake. For a while, they remembered the huge fish with fear, and some fish recalled those who had been eaten. But eventually, they started enjoying themselves as though the fateful events of the past had never occurred.

 Around the center of the lake, lit by the many pebbles there, you could hear the laughing voices of many fish. Both Ruriee and Aretel were among them. Ruriee was surrounded by colorful, bright pebbles, plenty of food, and many cheerful fish.
 " Hey, Ruriee, you look depressed these days. What's the matter? " Aretel asked.
 " Oh, no, it's nothing in particular. I'm okay."
 Ruriee continued to look downward.
 " You can't forget that day, can you? We will never have an experience like that again. What's more, that huge fish has surely died."
 " I see, but… "

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