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 As it came nearer, its large size became apparent.
 Aretel and Ruriee turned around and were so frightened that they couldn't move. A huge blue fish stopped in front of them. It was ten times as big as either of them; in fact, they were no bigger than its eye. The fish's body was as blue as the deep sea, whose bottom nobody has seen. Looking at this fish made it seem as though the sea had swallowed everything in the world.

 " Well, are there still two fish here? "
 The voice was heavy and low, as if it had come from the bottom of the water.
 " Who are you? " Aretel's voice trembled. " Where are my fellow fish? "
 " I ate some, while the others escaped."
 Fear clearly showed in Aretel and Ruriee's faces. The loud crashes of thunder continued to sound from above.
 " I have taken over this lake and am going to eat you two now."

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