Chapter 16.West Lake 1 / 6

 Suddenly, Ruriee stopped and looked up at the surface of the water.
 " What happened? "

 " I heard Zyun's voice. From the surface of the water… or maybe from higher up − you know, like from the sky! "
 " You could not have heard his voice. Are you saying the white fish flew through the sky and came here? "
 " I don't think so. But…"
 Ruriee looked up again. She noticed that, little by little, it had begun to rain. She heard a small clap of thunder.
 " We are almost to the west lake. I am sure that my fellow east lake fish will give you a big welcome, Ruriee. We are about to begin a pleasant life."
 Soon, Aretel and Ruriee reached the west lake. There was a variety of colorful, bright, beautiful pebbles there, but the water was slightly muddy and different from the water in the east lake.
 " Hello! I've just returned," Aretel called around.
 There was no answer. It was quiet as a graveyard and they could see no other fish.
 " This is strange. Hello!" Aretel called again.

 Ruriee swam after Aretel with worry in her eyes.
 " Aretel, is this strange? "
 " It is strange, but… "
 Then they felt the strong pull of the water. Something approached them from behind.

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