Chapter 15.Shining surface of water 1 / 2

 The next day, Zyun went up into the sky again. He could see a big white thundercloud far away. When he looked down, he could see shining surface of the water. Though he had only been able to look up at the surface of the water until now, he could now look down on it from the above. He was really moved by this. But, the next moment, he suddenly felt sad. He remembered the shining surface of water that he looked up at with Ruriee when they promised to fly together.

 Zyun thought that he realized his dream, but there was no Ruriee, and he could not keep his promise.
 Zyun's eyes filled with tears. He looked up to avoid letting his tears fall, and he saw the red sun.
 Zyun worked his wings with all his might. He found the river running from the lake, and then followed the river toward the west lake.
 He was absorbed in flying.
 " Please wait! Ruriee! " he said.

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