Chapter 14.Resolution 2 / 2

 Zyun decided to swim straight up to the surface of the water. He broke through the surface and jumped up into the sky to fly. He never fell. Instead, he flew powerfully with the help of his white feathers, rising up higher and higher.
 " I made it! I am really flying in the sky! " he shouted as loudly as possible.
 He returned to the water and then flew up into the sky again. He did this repeatedly many times.
 While he flew, he realized one thing: the true meaning of the saying
" give your life for your dream." It didn't mean just giving up your life. He had tested his resolution, or his " KAKUGO," and seen how deeply he wanted to realize his dream.
 If you don't have " KAKUGO " to reach your goal, you had better not head toward it in the first place, Zyun said in his heart as he flew up into the sky again.
 The sky that the fish with white wings was flying in was a clear blue color and endlessly high.

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