Chapter 14.Resolution 1 / 2

 Zyun found himself in calmly flowing water. When he turned back, he saw the dark cave behind him. Though he remembered going into the cave, his memory of what had happened after that was uncertain. However, he gradually realized that he had not died but was still living.

 As he began to swim toward home, he thought, I can't fly in the sky, now, can I?
 It occurred to Zyun that he felt different from usual. First of all, he felt his body was light. Secondly, he was swimming faster than he used to.
 He looked at his back. As he watched, to his surprise, two white feathers grew there.
 He stopped and looked at them over and over again. It was not an illusion. Two feathers really had grown.
 " At last, I did it! " he shouted and swam in a circle, going round and round. His speed made him even more excited.

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