Chapter 13.Life 3 / 3

 The inside of the cave was indeed dark and cold. It seemed to him that the harder he swam, the deeper the darkness became. The water flowed faster and faster. He felt pain as if all his body had been cut to pieces. He began to choke. As he went, the pain in his heart had grown greater and greater. He was attacked by unbearable suffering and almost fainted away.

―― I can't make it, Zyun thought. All is over. After all, my life is finished without making any dream true. I gave my life but what am I doing… I hate myself…, he thought.
 Then Zyun saw a little light shining. It was so far away that he felt he could never reach it.
―― I feel pain, he thought. I really have pain. Why do I have to do this? I’ll give up. In the end, I am foolish… I am…
 Zyun fainted away. As he did, the white light grew bigger and bigger, and then it swallowed Zyun.

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