Chapter 13.Life 2 / 3

 After that, a few seconds passed and Zyun gazed firmly into the depths of the cave.
 " Is that really okay? " asked the voice.
 " Certainly. If I get to realize my dream and fly in the sky, I am willing to give my life."
 " Do you have enough resolve to die for your dream? "
 " Absolutely," Zyun confirmed confidently.
 Ruriee had left. Zyun thought, from now on, there is no promise, which will make me spend my days in pain and sorrow.
 The only thing left was his dream. Zyun thought he might even risk his life just to forget Ruriee.
 " Okay, I see. Come into the hole. Then, no matter what happens, never look back, swim perfectly straight, and aim at the light you can see at the end of the darkness. If you do so, your dream will come true."
 Zyun breathed deeply. He said to himself in a quiet voice, " Goodbye, Ruriee," and then he swam with all his strength into the dark hole of the cave.

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