Chapter 13.Life 1 / 3

 Pain and sorrow continued to afflict Zyun by turns. Had Ruriee left because Zyun was weak or didn’t have courage? Zyun went on wandering in the water.
 Zyun continued to find life unbearable. His mind was filled only with Ruriee. After a while, this began to annoy him, and he became absorbed in thought, and then reached a conclusion.
 " I will go to the dark cave."

 When Zyun reached the dark cave, he found the same fast-flowing water he had encountered there before. As he had before, Zyun caught hold of a rock to keep himself from being swept away by the stream.
 But, this time, he had a trait he had not had before. He had resolution. He spoke into the cave with a loud voice.
 " I came here to give my life."
 The water stopped flowing, and he heard the low and echoing voice coming from the depths of the dark cave.
 " Did you resolve to exchange your life for your dream? "
 " Definitely."

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