Chapter 12.Pain and sorrow 1 / 2

 " Wait! Wait, Ruriee! "
 " Why did you follow us, White? You are persistent," Aretel swam in front of Zyun, separating him from Ruriee.
 " Ruriee! Listen, Ruriee. What will become of our promise? We made a promise to each other, didn't we? "
 The instant Ruriee looked at Zyun, she turned her eyes away again immediately.
 " I sincerely ask you. I really want you to keep the promise you made with me. I will absolutely make our dream come true. Please don't leave."
 This time, Ruriee kept looking down and would not raise her face.
 " Ruriee, shall we keep our promise and make our dream come true together? "
 Ruriee said with a quiet voice, still looking down.
 " Our promise… I don't know our promise."  " Ha… What? "
 Zyun thought that he had misheard her and asked her pardon. Ruriee opened her big eyes, gazed sternly at Zyun and shouted,
 " I don't know of any such promise! "
 " What? Why do you say so? You are not Ruriee. "
 Zyun meant to come closer to Ruriee. Aretel blocked him.
 " We promised to fly in the sky together, didn't we? When I can fly in the sky, I will take you to the sky with me. I promised."
 Zyun's eyes were wet with tears.

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