Chapter 11.Ruriee's decision 2 / 2

 " Ruriee, what do you mean? "
 " I decided to go to the west lake with Aretel."
 " Oh, no! Why! " Zyun shouted. It may have been the first time he had used such a loud voice in front of Ruriee. " Why… Why would you go to a place like the west lake? "
 " The answer is easy. It is natural that Ruriee should go to the west lake, since it is better than here and Ruriee should be able to live better there," Aretel said, offering his opinion and continuing to say, " I am a son of the king in the west lake. I will be a king in the future. In addition, the lake has many delicious foods and innumerable beautiful, bright pebbles. Ruriee can be happy all her life if she lives with me. That's why, White, Ruriee has decided to go there."
 Aretel laughed loudly.
 Zyun looked down.
 " I'm sorry, Zyun. Take care," Ruriee said.
 Zyun kept looking down. There was silence for a while.
 " Okay, Zyun. I must go. Goodbye," Ruriee said again.
 Zyun refused to raise his face.
 Ruriee and Aretel began to swim away. The two fish swam on and on. When they were about to disappear from Zyun’s view, he chased after them with all his power.

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