Chapter 11.Ruriee's decision 1 / 2

 When Zyun imagined that Aretel and Ruriee were together, he felt his chest harden and felt pain in his stomach.  
 His heart filled up with misty smoke. He didn't have fun, no matter what he did. Moreover, he even felt as though he were suffering. Many days had passed like that.
 At dawn one morning, when Zyun was dozing, he heard someone’s voice. It was Ruriee’s voice. It seemed to him that he hadn't heard it for a long time. He became pleased and looked in the direction of the voice.
 " Zyun."
 It was surely Ruriee.
 " Ruriee."

 Right away, Zyun's heart became as light as a fine sky. But, the delight was wiped out in an instant when he saw Aretel next to Ruriee.
 " White, I came here to say goodbye."
 Zyun glared at Aretel and looked Ruriee in the face without speaking.
 " Listen, Zyun. Leaving without greeting you is too sad, so I came here to say goodbye."
 Zyun felt a rush of embarrassment and didn't understand what she had said at first. However, he felt as if a big arrow had pierced his heart.

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