Chapter 10.Something bright

 Several days passed again. Once, as Zyun swam alone, he saw Aretel and Ruriee swimming together.

 Zyun turned his eyes away from them and tried to leave without being seen by them. But then, he stopped and hurried toward them.
 " Ruriee Why? "
 Though gloominess showed in Ruriee's face for a moment, she forced a smile and looked at Zyun.
 " Well, Zyun, Aretel is very special. He is the son of the king in the west lake."
 Zyun glared at Ruriee with his mouth closed. Just then, he saw something bright on her body. He looked at the bright object carefully.

 " Aretel gave me this. It is beautiful, isn't it? I have never seen such a bright jewel before."
 " Say, in the west lake, there are many stones as bright as this," Aretel said, his voice low and dignified.
 " White! I will give this food to you. Try it."

 Aretel put out a ball of food that looked like a dumpling.
 " It is very delicious. It is so delicious that it makes me feel happiness. Zyun, try to eat it," Ruriee said.
 Zyun looked at the food, but he opened his eyes wide and stared unblinkingly not at Aretel but Ruriee.
 " No, thank you."
 As soon as Zyun threw away these words, he swam powerfully away.

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