Chapter 9.Zyun vs Aretel 1 / 2

 Whenever Zyun was with Ruriee, Aretel challenged him to different kinds of matches.
 " I propose a match," he would say. " Which of us can swim faster to the rock over there, you or me? "
 Of course, Zyun always accepted these challenges. When Zyun accepted the rock challenge, his eyes were sharp and serious, and he swam to the rock using all his physical strength and swam with all his heart. On the other hand, Aretel swam straight there, laughing as if he had merely slipped through the water. Zyun was out of breath.
 " Hey, you. Can't you swim any faster than that? " Aretel taunted, laughing loudly. Zyun dropped his head and threw a glance at Ruriee who had watched the whole race unfold.

 The next day, they tied rocks to rope and competed to see which one of them could pull a bigger rock.
 Aretel pulled a bigger rock than Zyun did.
 " Can't you pull any more weight than that? " Aretel asked, laughing loudly again.

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