Chapter 7.I will keep my promise

 Several days passed. Zyun and Ruriee were taking another walk in the lake. Since the day Zyun had talked about his dream and made his promise, Ruriee had begun to ask him to take walks. When Zyun was with Ruriee, he felt that time flew. He said to himself, " Stop time." He had so much fun, was happy, and talked about anything, except for that cave…
 " When will we go to the sky? If I fly in the sky, how happy I will be! " said Ruriee, who sometimes talked about flying in the sky. Every time Zyun heard such talk, he thought about the cave and felt pained when he remembered his escape from that place.
 " It's okay. I will not fail to keep the promise," he told Ruriee, because he couldn't help but say that.
 He had made a promise that meant Ruriee would still be with in the future. If that future disappeared, Ruriee would leave him.
 For this reason, he always replied, " I will keep my promise."

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