Chapter 6.Courage

 He found himself near the signboard that said, " Keep away from the far place. Dangerous! " His breathing was badly distorted. When he turned his head back, he found that he had swum away with all his power.
 " To realize my dream to fly in the sky, I have to exchange my life," he murmured. His body was trembling.
 He wondered if he was a wimp after all. He remembered that he wanted to make his dream come true to fulfill the promise he had made to Ruriee, and despite his dream, he found himself unable to give his life.
 Zyun felt pained and thought hard. He suspected that, again, Ruriee would see someone such as him as having no courage. He worried that if he didn’t realize his dream and keep the promise, Ruriee would hate him.
 His mind was full of conflicting thoughts, which made his head heavy. He bent it forward as he swam home unsteadily.

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