Chapter 5.One condition 2 / 2

 There was silence. After a while, Zyun asked, doubting what he had heard, " My life? "
 " Yes."
 " Hey, you, white fish! Do you really believe a fish can fly in the sky? So far, no fish has been able to fly in the sky, and no fish will ever be able to do it in the future. It is a dream nobody has made true and nobody can ever make true again. Only you can make it true. So it is reasonable to exchange your life for such a dream."
 " B…But if I gave in my life and died, how could I fly in the sky? "
 His voice was trembling a little. Even if I gained the ability to fly, I would be dead, and I would not be able to bring Ruriee and fulfill my promise, Zyun thought.
 " If you won't give up your life, you should give up your dream and go away from here."
 My life is necessary to realizing my dream, Zyun thought to himself.
 He dropped his head and frowned.
 Those words were flying around in his mind. Some of them were very important to life itself, and others related to things Zyun had always cared about.
 Giving life…
 In short, that means death.
 What should I do? Zyun thought.
 Suddenly, he felt as if the darkness in the cave had swallowed him up.
 " Ahh…! " he yelled.

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