Chapter 5.One condition 1 / 2

 Zyun timidly came out from the shadow of the rock and watched the front of the cave that looked like a big, open mouth.
 " Do you believe that you can fly in the sky, despite being a fish? "
 " I truly understand that fish can never fly like birds. But I want to fly in the big sky."
 " Why do you want to fly in the sky like that? "
 " Because it is my dream."
 " Is that the only reason? "
 Zyun was puzzled for a moment.
 " The reason is… the other reason is that I promised someone I would fly in the sky."
 Zyun opened his eyes wide and gazed into the darkness of the cave. Then he saw Ruriee's fin in his mind.
 " Yes, I understand. I will make your dream true."
 " Really? " Zyun shouted with clear voice.
 " But there must be one condition."
 " Yes, of course. I will do anything if you make my dream true."
 " Then, I will tell you: I want your life."

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