Chapter 4.Dark Cave

 Zyun believed that he would find the key to realizing his dream to fly in the sky in this dangerous and forbidden part of the lake. Flying was no longer only his dream. Before yesterday, it had been. But, now, the dream also belonged to Ruriee, and he had to realize it for her sake.
 When he thought of this, he felt his body grow hotter and hotter, and stronger and stronger.

 The signboard on a rock said, " Keep away from the far place. Dangerous! " Zyun stopped for a second. For a while, he looked at the sign, breathed deeply, and then swam toward the cave's entrance.
 Little by little, the water around him was starting to flow by faster. It got darker around him and suddenly, he felt like he was being vacuumed up and pulled toward the cave against his will.
 He caught hold of a rock and hid behind it, shouting desperately. Slowly, he peeked out around the side of the rock, still holding onto it, and looked at the strong water flowing by.
 He was surprised to see the same deep darkness in the cave's big opening that he had seen again and again in his dream. Like in his dream, he heard the same voice coming from it: " Why did you come here? "

 The voice was low, and it seemed to be uttered by someone in pain.
 " I said, why did you come here? " the voice repeated.
 Zyun hurried to give the best explanation that he could.
 " I came here to have my dream come true."
 " What is your dream? "
 " My dream is to fly in the sky."
 Suddenly, the strong water stopped flowing.

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