Chapter 3.To realize his dream

 Zyun's heart was soft and sometimes excitable. When he swam, he was not tired, and even if he was spoken ill of as usual, he didn't care.

 When he thought of the day before, which he had spent with Ruriee, he felt so happy that all bad, painful, and stressful things disappeared from his mind.
 " I will keep the promise I made her," he said to himself.
 He determined to swim to the furthest part of the lake.
 The fish living in the lake never went there, because everyone knew that the place was dangerous and that if they went there they would lose their lives. But, Zyun was going there anyway.
 Zyun had had the same dream over and over again since he was very young.

 The dream went as follows:
 When he awoke at midnight, he could hear someone's voice. He couldn't hear it clearly, however, so he swam in the direction of the voice. Soon, he found he had reached the furthest part of the lake. There was a dark, deep black cave there and he could clearly hear the voice coming from inside the cave.
 " I will make your dream come true," it said.

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