Chapter 2.Promise

 Ruriee and Zyun were taking a swim in the lake when Zyun finally built up his courage and asked Ruriee to swim with him.
 Around the middle in the lake, they looked at up. They could see the bright surface of the water lit by sunshine above.
 " I have a dream," Zyun said, looking up.
 " Oh, what is your dream?" Ruriee asked.
 " That I will get out of the water, and I will fly in the sky! "
 " Whoa…that is wonderful, but I wonder whether we fish can fly in the sky."
 Zyun looked at Ruriee.
 " I'm not sure, but I know of one possible way. If this way really works, I can make my dream come true."
 " That is excellent. If you fly, it will make you really great."
 Ruriee was looking at Zyun. She said, " I'm sure that you can do it, because even when other fish are mean to you and say bad things, you neither back down nor are you mean to them. I think that is very nice of you."
 Zyun's heart was thumping. It seemed that something beautiful was about to happen.
 " I will be sure to fly, then, and I will take you… "
 His heart was beating too fast for him to continue to speak.
 " Ruriee, I will take you to the sky," he said. In his heart, he added, When I do, I will confess that I love you.
 " Really? You promise? " asked Ruriee. Her eyes shone.
 " Of course, I promise?absolutely."
 The two fish looked up at the shining surface of the water.

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