Chapter 1.Red fish and White fish

 Far away, under the sky in the east, there was a lake and many fish lived in it. They were in a variety of colors. They were orange, green, yellow, brown, and so on. One of them was a blinding shade of red. Her name was Ruriee.
 She was very attractive, so many other fish liked her. One fish loved Ruriee the most. That fish's name was Zyun.
 Zyun was a unique color, too. He was white. Moreover, he was as white as flowing clouds in the sky.
 " Zyun, you are white, because you are a wimp," said the others.
 Many fish that were colorful looked down on him thinking that he had no color because he had a weak and cowardly heart.
 But, Zyun never became a bad fish and was never depressed. This is because Zyun had a big dream and, in addition, loved Ruriee.

 " Ah, I wish Ruriee were my girlfriend," he would say to himself.
 He hoped this every night, looking up at the moonlight, which shone down into the water.

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