This page is the introduction of main characters.


He is a main character in this story. He was a unique color in the lake. He was white. He loved a red fish, Ruriee. Many fish said that he has no color because he had a weak and cowardly heart. But, he never became a bad fish and was never depressed. He had a big dream. His dream was to fly in the sky. He went to the dark cave because he thought he would find the key to realizing his dream.


She is a heroin in this story. She was a blinding shade of red. At first, she cheered Zyun that had the dream to fly in the sky. However, after she met a black fish, Aertel, she was getting fascinated by him little by little.


He is a black fish and Zyun's rival. He came from the west lake to the east one in which Zyun and Ruiree lived. He was able to swim faster than Zyun. Moreover, he was stronger than Zyun. He was different from Zyun in many respects and was fascinating Ruriee.

SDDark Cave

It is a deep darkness cave in a dangerous and forbidden part of the east lake. He had had the dream about the cave many times since he was very young. The cave had the key to realizing Zyun's dream.

Chapter 1DRed fish and White fish@

@Chapter 3DTo realize his dream