The white fish, Zyun − 白い魚のジュン −

ENGLISH ( English Only ) 

ENGLISH for smart phone


JAPANESE (スマートフォン向け)

I wrote this story because of my strong appreciation and passion for people who want to master the basics of English or study basic English again, perhaps because they stopped studying English in the past or could not progress in the way they wanted to. In addition, I wrote this for people who want to open their hearts, improve their ability to observe the world in its essence, and grow as people.

私は、この物語を、英語の勉強につまずいていたり、 うまくいかなかったりしていて、基礎を身に着けたい人、あるいは、もう一度基礎からやり直したりしたい人のために、 加えて、心を磨き、物事の本質を見つめる力を高め、自分を成長させたい人のために、魂と情熱を込めて書きました。

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